Thrum along with Guitar Notes


I absolutely love young adult fiction especially when it is written in good taste and not just appealing to teens because they are already pressured with vanity, sex, and growing up way too fast. This on the other hand takes a very deep and passionate concept as music and it flowers into something so extraordinary.

I felt this was a perfect book for teens who are trying to find themselves and this inspires to do something more than just drinking or falling into drugs that most teens typically do.

The two main characters are Tripp Broody and Lyla Marks. Lyla is the perfect popular student that either people love or envy. She is know as a cellist but begins to feel her life is not really she wants especially playing the cello. Tripp is an outcast because his best friend moves away and his father dies of an aneurysm practically at the same time. He finds his haven in a guitar to make up for his anti-social life.

Tripp is actually my favorite character because he reminds me so much of my boyfriend. Tripp has this theory that people “thrum” they vibrate and when they connect with things in this world the soul become complete and happy. Here is a good snippet to explain this:

Here’s my Thrum Theory. I think every soul vibrates at a certain frequency…It’s sort of like each soul has a sound that is its signature and your soul just want to feel the vibration of this sound. I think vibration of my soul and the vibrations of the guitar match each other, which is why it feels so right for me to play it.

–Tripp Broody Guitar Notes 

This book actually re-inspired me to learn my own guitar. Yeah, I have one but I’ll learn a few chords and get too frustrated with myself and give up. But, I think this time I am really going to try this out.

Also here is a link the to the website about the book


Review on Hyperbole and a Half…or procrastinating my real work


My cousin had given this book to me months ago and I had been in a funk not to really read. Which is odd because I will read books from dawn till dusk; literally. I am like an addict when it comes to reading. HOWEVER my boyfriend hates it, my son is 1 ½ so at some point I have to pay attention to him. (Note: that was a joke; some people do not understand my sense of humor and mistake it for seriousness at times) Anyway I finally read it two days ago and now I am obsessed. For two reasons:

  1. I don’t usually read books that are funny
  2. I’ve been dying to start my own blog

So based on this book I am finally going to begin my blog.   This book is by Allie Brosh which when I started to read it this it sounded a lot like my cousin, just the mannerisms and such screamed my cousin. I also imagined her to be this really nerdy chick but with a cool personality but in reality she is beautiful. Anywho back to the book, its not really a story per say, its more like a collection of stories that were originally from her blog you can read here. alliebrosh

Most of the stories are based on her childhood and how she was an insanely imaginative child with these wild ideas. But put with a completely hilarious spin. It’s one of those books you just have to begin to really get into. My favorite story she tells is the God of Cake, let me just say no matter what child I have come across in my lifetime I have never heard of any child wanting sweets to that extent and I pray my son isn’t going to be like that but he loves his sugar as well. The illustrations are side-splitting. Today I showed my brother the pictures and he could not fathom the comicalness. They are crude drawings, which makes it even better.

Yes, I am at work and yes I am avoiding. Think of the work as a librarian as a person stuck in the middle of the desert with the occasional rodent to talk to but the only task you have in the middle of the desert is to wash a never ending pile of laundry. But at least this post was library-related so I am not too off task.